Aurora Active is ‘Not Another Gym’ we have equipment that no other gym has and we get you results like no other gym.

Our goal is to help you achieve a lifelong healthy lifestyle. We aim to make the transformation process positive, rewarding and fun. It doesn’t matter if you have never exercised before, we can create a program to suit all levels of fitness, ages and capabilities. Your program will be constantly adjusted as you progress and you will never do the same workout more than once, to ensure you stay motivated.

We have a strong focus on rehabilitation and getting our clients quickly back on their feet after injury or illness is a top priority.

Our mission is to help people change their lives through exercise with a positive focus on health. We know our clients lead busy lives, juggling the increasing demands of careers and family, our aim is to make sure that your health remains a priority by providing motivating sessions, encouragement and accountability. If you have made the decision about changing your health, we are confident we can help you.  A Heather and fitter you will also positively impact other aspects on your life.

Our highly qualified trainers are passionate in wanting to help you to live a healthier, active and longer life.

Aurora Active offers:

  • Personal One-on-One Training, specifically designed programs to suit your individual fitness or weight-loss goals
  • Partnered Training, bring a friend, partner, colleague along and keep each other motivated and accountable whilst getting fit and healthy together.
  • Workers Compensation Programs designed in conjunction with recommendations from your health care professional, working closely with your specialists to ensure we get the best for your rehabilitation.
  • AlterG anti-gravity treadmill sessions ideal for athletes, rehab and/or over weight clients as it can reduce your weight by up to 80% of your body weight, allowing you to exercise with low impact on your joints.
  • Remedial Massage to help relieve and reduce stress and tension.
  • HUBER360 ideal for Neuromuscular rehabilitation, allowing you to train safely on your physical and cognitive skills.
  • CAR.O.L bike the worlds first AI bike.  Ideal for HIIT sessions. Get fit fast.

Make the decision today to be healthier, stronger and fitter tomorrow, call us on 0404116687, email us via our contact page or just pop into our studio and have a chat and take a look around.

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    Rehabilitation exercise promotes mobility, functional ability and quality of life.