• Are You Guilty of Non Hungry Eating?

    Are You Guilty of Non Hungry Eating?

    I know I am.

    Non hungry eating is quiet common as it’s a habit – like always having a biscuit with your coffee or always having chocolate in the house (yep definitely guilty of this one).

    Eating when you’re not hungry could be the reason you’re not losing your weight.

    It can include picking, grazing, nibbling, and  bingeing – put a cheese platter in front of me and anyone will tell you I’ll pick at it the whole day until its gone!

    You might do it if you’re bored, sad, tired or just eating for the sake of eating, rather than because your body needs it or is not sure when to stop eating.

    Tips to help reduce non-hungry eating:

    1. Ask our self “Am I really hungry for it?”
    2. Avoid eating when distracted
    3. Eat off a plate, not out of a packet
    4. Don’t just eat because the clock says it’s time
    5. Don’t eat when bored or stressed

    A habit takes about 28 days to change. What are you going to do today to break that habit?

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