VibroGym training is ideal for arthritis sufferers as it is low/no impact on joints.

A balanced workout is required for your whole body, not just the area affected with arthritis, it is extremely important to focus on the range of motion, strengthening, and aerobic benefits to relieve the symptoms and treat the arthritic condition.

Low impact exercise on a VibroGym is very important for arthritis sufferers as conventional exercise can be very painful. It has been proven that exercise can reduce pain and disability by decreasing muscle inhibition and by improving blood circulation.

20 minutes of training on a VibroGym is equivalent to a one hour vigorous workout, without the heavy impact on your joints of conventional exercises.

There are many other benefits to moderate exercise. It reduces the risk of other health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. It can also boost your energy level and sense of well-being, help you sleep better, and help control your weight. Exercise increases your blood circulation by providing the necessary oxygenation to all cells in your body including your brain, ensuring it functions properly, enabling anyone to achieve and maintain an optimum state of health and wellness.

Poor balance and flexibility can contribute to falls and broken bones. VibroGym training increases flexibility, health and balance which decrease the likelihood and severity of falls.

VibroGym Training is a safe way to relieve arthritis pain and suffering, reducing stiffness and inflammation as it strengthens muscles around joints to achieve long-term pain relief.

Come in and feel the benefit of exercise, massaging and stretching on the VibroGym today.

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