VibroGym training is a powerful tool to maximise performance and is the ideal workout for motivated athletes who want to advance their performance. Results are achieved in a shorter timeframe than with conventional training. Muscle power, flexibility and strength can be improved. It is also a great tool for recovery from intense training and to prevent and rehabilitate injuries and is used by many professional sports teams and sports clubs world wide (listed below)

VibroGym stimulates muscle activity, range of motion, coordination, explosive power, balance and stability resulting in improved performance, faster recovery of damaged muscles and soft tissue, while also reducing pain.

With Whole Body Vibration training you’ll sprint faster, jump higher and increase your explosive power.

Champion F1 driver Rubens Barichello credits WBV for improving his core strength essential for the G-forces created in racing.

There are many advantages to training on a Whole Body Vibration machine for anyone involved in endurance sports. Without conscious effort Whole Body Vibration training automatically activates the “fast twitch” muscle reflex and the muscle fibers are near 100% engaged as compared to 40 – 70% with conventional workouts.

Whole Body Vibration exercise prompts the release of hormones (HGH and IGF-1) which are involved in recovery, ensuring a faster and more complete recovery. It is not unusual for athletes involved with endurance sports to face muscle and connective tissue injuries caused by over use and/or overload. These problems can be quickly and efficiently treated by implementing Body Vibration training and therapy.

Here’s just a few athletes/teams have benefited from Whole Body Vibrations Training:

Top French Olympic sprinter Mark Raquil (400m)

Pole vaulter Tatiana Grigorieva

Patricia Girard (100mH)

Water Skiier Lauryn Eagle

Rafael Nadal

Olymipic road cycling medalist Sara Carrigan

Aerial Skiier Lydia Lassila

Rory Sabbatini

Pat Perez

Jesper Parnavik.

Colin Montgomerie

Lee Westwood

Nick Dougherty

Laura Davies.

Serena Williams

Rubens Barrichello

British olympic association

LA Lakers

Chicago Bulls

Djibril Cissé, top French footballer

Liverpool Football Club

Leading soccer teams such as Arsenel, Chelsey and MU

Whole Body Vibration provides a superior stimulation to the nervous system, therefore the development in your whole body neuromuscular re-education, balance, mobility and stability, strength, motor control quicker than conventional training methods.…/0046351810a0e363d6000000.pdf


  2. A HIGHER MUSCLE PERFORMANCE compared to resistance training. The use of Vibrogym increases muscle strength. Isometric, dynamic and especially explosive strength are improved, more than with conventional resistance training.
    See article “Strength Increase after Whole Body Vibration Compared with Resistance Training” – Delecluse C, et al , Journal “Medicine & Science in Sports & exercise”,(2003).
    This study points out that the good results achieved using WBV are due to the combination of the vibration plate and exercises, not to the routine itself:
    (The routine done on its own without WBV performed very poorly compared to both the same routine with WBV and to the conventional resistance group).
    Another study finds similar results about the explosive strength.
    See article: “Acute and residual effects of vibratory stimulation on explosive strength in elite and amateur athletes” , V B. Issurin and G. Tenembaum, Journal of sports sciences, (1999).
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