Aurora Active offers small group classes (max. 4), which means you have your own personal trainer running your sessions without the personal training price tag. It’s been proven that people are more motivated when training with others.

Aurora Active’s core foundations are based on 3 classes with each class specifically created to achieve different goals with your body and we highly recommend you to include at least 3 different classes to achieve maximum results and to ensure you avoid progression plateaus.

You will receive 2 free complimentary sessions where we will discuss your goals and recommend the best exercise recommendations for you.

We run classes every hour on the hour. Book in today.



No joining fees. No contracts. Simply find the session you’re after then book and you can either pay online or in the studio.

If you’re not sure what you need please contact us to discuss your current exercise regime and goals.

1 sessions per week – $33.75

2 sessions per week – $60.00

3 sessions per week – $78.75

Remedial Massage $80/60minutes, $44/30 minutes
Personal Training:  $80/60minutes, $44/30 minutes
AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill: $50/60 minutes, $28/30 minutes

  • Functional Strength

    strength, speed, stamina
    Functional Strength


    We don’t lift weights, we move them. Our Functional Strength classes are a 3 Dimensional workout that works every part of your body. Through functional movement patterns combined with some of the best strength elements from Yoga & Pilates we help shape, tone and strengthen your body.


    • Build Lean Muscle
    • Increase Tone
    • Improve Stamina, Power and Strength
  • Cardio Core

    cardiovascular fitness
    Cardio Core


    Anyone ready for a sweat? Our unique mix of equipment and exercises will challenge you and leave you wanting more. We can guarantee you’ve never done a full body workout like this before.


    • Burn More Calories than Running or Cycling – Guaranteed
    • Improved Cardiovascular Conditioning
    • Increased Core Strength
  • Flex & Stretch

    personality shaping
    Flex & Stretch


    Do you like Yoga or Pilates? Then you’ll love our Flex & Stretch class, created by our in-house Sports Massage Therapist and owner Stephan Venter, he has blended together Trigger Point Release, stretches and mobility work that is guaranteed to leave you feeling released and realigned!


    • Increased Range of Movement
    • Decrease Risk of Injury and Improves Your Training
    • Improves Posture
  • Signature

    intensity, endurance


    Do you want to build strength, burn fat and increase endurance?
    This is a high intensity full body workout that’s fun and challenging.


    • Improved Cardio
    • Increase Strength
    • Improved Endurance