• Got diabetes? Aurora Active Can Help

    Got diabetes? Aurora Active Can Help

    Do you know how many people in Australia are affected by type 2 diabetes?

    More than 1.5 million!

    A recent Swedish study reveals that those living with type 2 diabetes should exercise often to reduce their risk or stroke and heart attacks.

    I know what your thinking… this is nothing new.

    But did you also know that a study in the US found that moderate exercise of at least 30 minutes most days will help decrease you’re risk of cardiovascular-related deaths by up to 32%?

    Which is why here at Aurora Active we can help keep you fit and healthy in as little as 30 minute. Our classes are specially designed for those who are short on time but want to keep fit and healthy.

    A follow-up study found those with type 2 diabetes, who only exercised once or twice a week (or not at all) have a 25% greater risk of heart attack or stroke than those who exercise three times or more and a 70% higher risk of dying as a result.

    No more excuses – book into a class today and live longer.

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