When you first start playing golf, you don’t realise the many demands it makes on your body.

There are many benefits of training on a VibroGym, including muscle toning, calorie burning and most importantly it works on strengthening the core muscles, which help to improve balance and stability, which is critical for a solid mid-section to maintain control and maximize power to help maintain trunk rotation.

Correct trunk rotation is important for correct shoulder movement and leg balance which will help you play better; while ensuring stability of the back and pelvis to avoid problems in the spinal area.

Another common problem affects hand or wrist, which results in elbow pain.

Poor blood supply can cause pain and muscle weakness and the Vibrogym helps with increasing circulation.

Professional golfers all know that optimal fitness, strength, flexibility and range of movement is the key to winning. Many professional players attribute their competitive edge to the use of a Whole Body Vibration machine such as VibroGym.

To achieve your personal best either playing with friends or in competitions, training three times a week on VibroGym can make the difference between an average golfer and a great golfer.

Studies on VibroGym shows that it helps to build strength and tone, and also perform dynamic stretch movements which will help increase your range of motion, giving you the edge over your competitors, helping you to hit the ball further and improve your games of golf.


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