The Lymph system plays a crucial in the health of your body and is responsible for the absorption of trapped toxins in the fat cells, also known as cellulite. It takes the toxins contained in those problem cells and flushes them out of your system.
Another function of the lymphatic system is the absorption of excess fluid anywhere in the body and returning it to the blood stream. It also supports the body’s immune system.

Circulation is the key to flushing lactic acid from the muscles and improve the circulation of lymph fluid to carry metabolic waste away from the muscles and internal organs, resulting in lower blood pressure and improved body function.

VibroGym training dramatically increases the blood circulation to your entire body, especially all the muscle groups. It does this by rapidly alternating the contraction and relaxation of muscles, automatically activating the “fast twitch” muscle reflex, the muscle fibers are near 100% engaged as compared to 40 – 70% with conventional workouts.

VibroGym works by creating rhythmic contractions of the muscles to encourage blood circulation to flow into even the smallest capillaries. During the contraction phase of an exercise the muscle group capillaries are squeezed, during relaxation fresh oxygenated blood is again allowed through.

You may notice a tingling or itching sensation after massaging on a VibroGym for a short time, this is a signal your body is sending you a message confirming just how much you really need to be using a VibroGym. Your body has clustered fat cells, often along with the formation of cellulite, which causes a type of blockage restricting blood flow, once on the VibroGym your capillaries dilate and freshly oxygenated blood starts to flow into areas that were previously suppressed. The tingling/itching sensations won’t last very long and is very normal.

The study of Lohman et al. (2007) showed that short spurts of massage on a whole body vibration platform machine significantly increased skin blood flow on the lower extremities e.g. the calves.

The study of Maloney-Hinds et al. (2008) showed that five minutes of massage on a whole body vibration platform at either 30 Hz or 50 Hz significantly increased the skin blood flow and circulation in the arms.


With a 40Hz vibration training, the muscles contract and relax 40 times a second (2400 a minute) thanks to a local reflex (the TVR as explained above).

The contraction/relaxation acts as a pump, causing increased blood circulation and so increased blood supply to muscles as they are used.

As a result, muscles continually receive all the nutrients and oxygenation needed in order to sustain a prolonged workout; whereas in conventional training, prolonged muscle tightening can induce a lack of oxygen.

This is why Vibrogym training helps to prevent both muscle injury and soreness after exercise.

See article “Oxygen uptake in whole-body vibration exercise: influence of vibration frequency, amplitude and external load “, International Journal of sports medicine, (2002).

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