• Making exercise easier for busy mums

    I know and understand how hard it is to find time and energy to exercise regularly but if you want to:

    • Increase energy
    • lose weight
    • increase muscle strength
    • tone up
    • regain control over your body

    then check out my video link (I cringe just at the thought of people watching it but if I can help and motivate some one then it is worth it) and keep reading as I want to help as many mums as possible feel good and confident about themselves. I hear so often that mums want to get to the gym or do more exercise but the demands of being a mum takes priority.

    Exercise is an amazing tonic, from boosting your energy, improving quality of sleep, losing weight and increasing your strength plus the fitter and stronger you are the better you can cope with the daily stresses and pressures of being a mum.

    Exercise is an investment, and it is the best investment you will ever do. Its an investment in your health, so that you will be around as long as possible with your kids.

    The key to exercising when you are a mum is to be time efficient, do exercises that work your whole body in less than 30 minutes. This is where a VibroGym is the perfect solution.

    You can do a full body work out in as little as 20 minutes (but even if you can only do 10 minutes a day you will still feel and see amazing benefits and then you can gradually increase your time and the type of exercises you do on it)

    The Vibrogym can vibrate up to 50htz while you exercise, which makes your muscles work harder meaning you achiever your results faster.

    I have also attached some links for further reading.

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