• To Sleep In or to Exercise – Your Choice

    To Sleep In or to Exercise – Your Choice

    There is no better way to start your day than by exercising first thing in the morning. Now not all of you will agree with me so here are a few benefits.
    • More energy
    • Better mood
    • More consistent
    • More productive
    • Helps your heart
    I know that a sleep in is very tempting and all it takes is just a push of that snooze button, then it is a big rush for you. You just have time for a quick shower, a piece of toast and you grab a coffee on the run. I bet by the time you get to work you are still half asleep and watching that clock counting down till home time as you are feeling lethargic and tired.
    But if you got up earlier and exercised you would get your blood and heart pumping, increase your energy levels, be more alert, successful and productive.
    Exercise also releases feel good hormones like endorphins which improves your mood
    It is proven that if you train in the morning rather than later you will be more consistent with your training.
    We all know that fitting in exercise after work is hard as you have kids, work and often social catch ups but if you commit to training in morning you are less likely to have a reason not to exercise.
    You will also be able to give it your 100% as you won’t be exhausted from your day or feeling stressed about what you didn’t finish at work.
    Exercising in the morning may help to increase the effect that it has on your heart. Your body naturally wakes up by increasing your hormone levels like adrenaline and this causes your heart to beat faster.
    I mentioned early that it will make you more productive. How you ask?
    Exercise has been proven to increase your mental focus for up to 10 hours after you exercised.
    Set your alarm clock earlier tomorrow and feel the benefits.