One of the major causes of type II diabetes is the visceral fat around the internal organs and exercising is very important in controlling Type 2 diabetes.

Many overweight people find it difficult to start an exercise routine as you often deal with non-healing wounds which prevent you from practicing intense physical exercises which then leads to an increased risk of putting on weight.

VibroGym is the least tiring form of training to develop and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle by improving your muscle tone, strength, balance and level of blood glucose.

A study of Vissers 2009 showed that Whole Body Vibration training reduced abdominal fat and allowed the participants to achieve sustained long term weight loss.

Exercise will help control your weight especially visceral fat and lower your blood sugar level. VibroGym training exercise increases insulin sensitivity and, along with proper nutrition, helps restore normal glucose metabolism by decreasing body fat. Exercise can mean the difference between “medical management” and “lifestyle management” of Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetics will benefit from VibroGym training as it can improve blood circulation to your lower extremities VibroGym Training can be done in as little as 20 minutes 3-5 days a week in conjunction with a low calorie diet.

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