• Understanding Food Labels Easily

    Understanding Food Labels Easily

    We all want to try and eat healthier but trying to understand what’s in our food can be challenging and just too hard  (I feel like I need a degree or something to understand most labels).

    But today I came across a government link that breaks down food labels simply and easily.

    It shows you where to look for fat, fibre, sugar, sodium (salt), serving sizes and ingredients in the nutritional panel.

    Did you know that ingredients are listed by greatest to smallest weight?

    It also lists other common names for fat, sugar, sodium. I feel that labelling hides behind these common “nicknames”.

    Make sure you familiarise yourself with these names.

    After looking at three items in my pantry that we use daily I was shocked to discover how much sugar and salt was in them. I recommend you take five minutes and have a look at your pantry/fridge using the attached guide and see what you’re really eating, so the next time you go shopping you can look for alternate choices to easily improve your nutrition.

    Knowing what nutritional information to look for is a great start to help you make the best choices for your food and avoid those unnecessary saturated fat, added salt, added sugars and kilojoules.

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