• Why Do You Want To Get Fit?

    Why Do You Want To Get Fit?

    I want you to really think about why you want to get fit?

    Is it to help you get a certain body shape (looking at too many celebrity magazines that are probably photo-shopped), is it because all your friends are doing it or have you been watching ‘the biggest loser’ and felt inspired?

    Believe it or not, these are all reasons NOT to get fit.

    They aren’t achievable goals, which means your commitment wont be sustainable. You might start exercising and eating better for a week or two but then stop and think ‘what’s the point’?

    Now you have had time to think about your lifestyle goals, I want you to say them out loud and ask yourself if they are SMART goals?

    SMART goals are what we strive for at Aurora Active.

    SMART goals are specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timely.

    Some examples are below, but you can tailor them to suit yourself – you are only limites by your commitment and determination!

    Specific -for example ‘I want to lose 10 kgs’

    Measureable – I will weigh my self at the same time every week in the same clothes.

    Achievable – I will exercise at least three  times per week of moderate exercise and go for a 40 minute walk on the weekend.

    Realistic – Yes, a 10kg weight loss is realistic

    Timely – I feel this is one of the most important factors when setting a goal, as if you set an unrealistic time frame you will not succeed.

    If you’re goal is to lose 10kg in a week, you are kidding yourself. You’ll be disappointed and probably give up. If you set a realistic goal of 10kgs over say 10 weeks (its healthy to lose 1kg a week) then you will succeed.

    It’s important to also remember every SMART goal is a journey to achieving a bigger goal.

    We’ve all heard the saying, ‘How do you eat an elephant’? But we often fail to apply this rule to our lives.

    If you view the elephant as one big goal then you will most certainly be disappointed.

    Long term you might want or need to lose 40kg, but rather than be daunted by the task, we’ll help you break it down into bite sized chunks that are SMART.

    Always reward yourself each time you achieve your goal.

    By treating yourself to something like a massage to ease away those ‘good’ aches and pains from training or whether its buying a piece of clothing one size smaller, it’s crucial to recognise each achievement as it will keep you motivated.

    Life is a journey, not a destination.