The ageing process is directly linked to loss of muscle, tissue, bone mass and density, resulting in unwanted extra visceral fat and a decreased range of motion.

A major cause of the middle age spread is dropping estrogen levels. A startling fact is that after the age of 30, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a woman losing around 6 kilos of muscle which then can mean gaining extra non muscle mass (middle age spread). This visceral fat also builds up around your internal organs increasing many health risks like heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Exercise is important to your overall health and wellbeing. VibroGym exercises are low impact on joints and have been proven to substantially increase flexibility, balance, bone density, muscle strength and mobility and can be safely used by even the most sedentary, out-of-shape senior.

One unpleasant part of ageing that may affect both men and women is the weakening of pelvic floor muscles. This may cause an uncomfortable feeling of pressure, leaking of urine, especially when laughing, coughing, and running or doing exercise. Urinary incontinence can be helped with Whole body vibration training, as the brain reacts to the intensity of the vibrations by stimulating and increasing blood flow and oxygenation throughout the entire body while triggering a spike in the human growth hormone (HGH), which is the key to repairing and regenerating tissue.

This improved circulation is essential for your overall wellbeing, greatly extending not only longevity, but also quality of life

Exercise is essential for you to feel better and live longer. Just 20 minutes of training on a VibroGym is equivalent to a one hour vigorous workout, without the heavy impact on your joints of conventional exercises and prevents muscle loss related to the aging process by using virtually every muscle and muscle group in the body without any strain on joints, ligaments and tendons.

VibroGym training for 20 minutes a day, three – four times a week allows you to reap the benefits of increased flexibility and range of motion. Helping you to maintain independence, dignity, optimal health and improves quality of life.

VibroGym training can be used safely and effectively as a standalone therapy, or as a compliment to existing exercise regimes, here are a few extra benefits

* Improve BALANCE –Poor balance and flexibility can contribute to falls and broken bones. VibroGym training increases flexibility, health and balance, which decrease the likelihood and severity of falls.

* STRENGTHEN BONE –Because post-menopausal women can lose 1-2% of their bone mass every year, training on VibroGym has been proven to help increase bone density.

* WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – VibroGym training is extremely helpful for weight loss and long-term weight control and you can do a full-body workout in as little as 20 minutes.

* BLOOD SUGAR – VibroGym training has a positive impact on helping older adults manage diabetes

* HEALTHY STATE OF MIND – Exercise provides similar improvements for depression as anti-depressant medications. Increases energy and decreases stress.

* SLEEP IMPROVEMENT – People who exercise regularly fall asleep quicker and sleep better.

A range of studies are listed below:-

Journal of Gerentology 2007 A study on older men found that both muscle strength and muscle mass benefited from WBV training

In a 2010 study Scand J Med Sci Sports. It was proven that WBV training increases muscle strength and mass in older women: in a ten week randomized-controlled trial.

A study, performed by the University of Liege in Belgium, investigated the effects of controlled Whole Body Vibration exercises on overall health in elderly patients and found that after only 6 weeks (performing 4 one-minute sessions daily, 3 times a week), the participants experienced:

  • 143% improvement in physical function
  • 77% improvement in equilibrium
  • 60% improvement in vitality
  • 57% improvement in the quality of walking
  • 41% reduction in pain
  • 23% improvement in general health

The VibroGym improved a number of key measures of fitness for post-menopausal over 6 months

Effect of 6 month whole body vibration training on hip density, muscle strength and postural control in postmenopausal women: A randomised controlled pilot study.

Verschueren SMP., Roelants M., Delecluse C., Swimmen S., Vanderschueren D., Boonen S. (2004)

“In healthy postmenopausal women, a 24-week whole body vibration program is feasible and able to modify muscle strength, balance, and hip bone density which are well-recognized risks”

The VibroGym can help improve strength, balance and flexibility in geriatrics in 6 weeks

The feasibility of whole body vibration in institutionalised elderly persons and its influence on muscle performance, balance and mobility: a randomised controlled trial

Bautmans I., Van Hees E., Lemper J., Mets T. (2005)

We can conclude that 6 weeks static WBV exercises are feasible in elderly with limited functional dependency, and might be beneficial for balance and mobility.’

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