• Myth busting

    IMG_4343With so many gyms and trainers out there it is so hard to choose the right one.

    I found this great article and I wanted to share it with you and expand on why Aurora Active is “not another gym”

    read the attached article first

    Common gym mistakes

    1. Not consulting with a trainer, doctor or physio.  Every time you step in the door at Aurora Active there is always a trainer there. Every class is run by a highly qualified trainer who shows you how to do the correct movements and to avoid over use and injuries. Stephan owner and head trainer also works closely and collaborates with our clients medical and health professionals to ensure a suitable rehab/injury management plan is implemented. Aurora Active is the preferred choice from many medical and health professionals to get clients active.
    2. Working on spot reducing – this does not exist. You need to do full body workouts with cardio and strength – come and check out Aurora Active as  all of our small group classes do a full body workout in 45 minutes!!
    3. Not balancing your body – you don’t want muscle imbalances as this will lead to injury and also you will look out for proportion – come to Aurora Active for a full body work out every session
    4. Avoid weight training so you dont get bulky – No… you should do weights but the correct weights and reps do this will help strengthen and tone your muslces and also increase your metabolism and burn fat! Yep at Aurora Active we incorporate weights in our sessions. But the correct weights, reps, sets and form
    5. Poor form – it is so so so important to ensure every exercise is performed correctly to ensure your muscles are strengthened and balanced but More importantly to avoid injury. At Aurora Active you are never training alone and you will always be shown the correct form and technique.
    6. Going too hung ho – yep we are all guilty of it especially in the NY but the key to success is making it a life style change – at Aurora Active we recommend 3 sessions per week, our classes are small (so bring a friend or partner) or you will meet new friends on your healthy journey in our classes which will help you to stay motivated, you will never have the same session so you will never get bored. Seriously you really should try Aurora Active!
    7. Not cooling down – this is critical and essential and at Aurora Active you will ALWAYS warm up, cool down and stretch before and after each session – this will help to reduce DOMS (delayed muslce onset soreness), lengthen muscles, reduce injury and make the most of each and every session – it’s not optional it’s a must!
    8. Neglecting your diet – I am not going to say much about this other than a PT can only give general advice – we are NOT qualified to give any specific advice. I see so many PT and gyms offering nutrition advice when they are not qualified – it would be like a first aid officer giving DR advice – you just can’t. We specialise in exercising and training and we are  the best at it. We can certainly refer clients to a dietician but can’t give specific advice.
    9. Throwing in the towel – persistence, attitude and motivation is what will keep you on track – there are no quick fixes but we at Aurora Active will be with you motivating and encouraging you every step of the way.

    Now we have shared some truths about gyms and trainers contact us today for a free session to see why Aurora Active is “not another gym”