• A 1/4 of the Population Don’t Exercise as They Feel Too Fat

    A 1/4 of the Population Don’t Exercise as They Feel Too Fat

    I was reading an interesting article on why people don’t exercise.
    As personal trainers we thought we had heard every excuse in the book like

    • My car won’t start
    • I forgot my clothes
    • Got held up at work
    • I am too sore
    • It’s too cold
    • I don’t have time

    But this article spoke about

    • Fear of injury
    • Too un coordinated
    • Too inflexible
    • Fear of failure
    • Don’t find it motivating
    • Too young, too old
    • Don’t know what to do
    • Feel too fat to exercise – 22%

    The last one was especially surprising to me at 22% a quarter of the population don’t exercise cause they feel too fat! I want to encourage those that feel like this that there are so many options for exercise (not just walking into a crowded gym). You can go for a walk, do aqua aerobics, get a PT to train you at home, find a intimate training studio, ride a bike. Just find so something you enjoy and make a start. It will get easier and you will feel better.

    I became a PT to encourage more people to take a positive step to a healthy life and these last points just motivate me more to spread the word that we can help you through your fears and unknowing to be a better you.

    Fear of injury is such a big point and we do see/hear it more often than not they they got hurt at x gym. Make sure when you choose a gym or training studio that you are comfortable with the staff/trainers, that they know what they are talking about and they are not just pushing their training methods onto you, make sure that they do a health assessment (that in itself can be daunting but very important). As trainers we will encourage you to push that little bit further but you know your body and must listen to it and tell your trainer when it is not feeling right.

    Many adults associate fitness to winning or losing – fitness and exercise is all about winning. There is not one negative that comes from exercise – good health, lose weight, more energy the list is endless and I have blogged about the benefits previously.

    The fear of the unknown is sometimes a very powerful barrier for preventing action.

    “Start today and create a new ending”

    “Those who do not make time to exercise will need to make time for illness”. As you only live once and only have one body make time for yourself to exercise, you’ll look and feel much better and quite possibly prevent health-related issues in the future.

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