• Change the Way You Think and You Will Be Happier

    Change the Way You Think and You Will Be Happier

    There is only one person’s opinion that matters when it comes to your body and that person is YOU.
    No one person can tell you what the “right” body type is.
    If you are healthy and happy with yourself than that is what is important.
    Christina Aguilera song “beautiful” just popped into my head.

    You have no time for excuses.
    You say you want to work out but then say you don’t have time? Then wake up earlier and do your exercise.
    Excuses are only rationalisations that make you feel better about yourself for not doing what needed to be done.
    If you want results stop making excuses and just do it.

    Do you put things off for another day?
    Do you stress and worry that things keep piling up and you are just not getting it done?
    Stop thinking you will get it done tomorrow when you could actually do it today.
    Make the most of your time, perhaps write a list of every thing that you need to achieve, then list it in most important to least important and start doing it now.
    This will leave you with time to do the things you love and not worry about what needs to be done tomorrow.

    If you manage your expectations you will be happy.
    If you don’t have expectations you can’t be disappointed.
    Go into every situation with an open mind, this will allow you to embrace it without the pressure of any preconceived expectaions.