• My 3 Favourite F Words

    I have finally decided what my blog is all about.

    I want to blog and share with you things I am truly passionate about.

    This is where my 3 favourite F words come in.

    1. Food – Yum. I love good food. I would call myself a foodie. I love discovering new food experiences, eating at great restaurants and cafes (not so much now we have a little one – but i dare to dream it will happen again soon)
    2. Finance – With over 14 years of banking experience, I love talking finance. When I write about finance in my future blogs I want to share my tips for saving, credit ratings, mortgages and all the A-Z in between.
    3. Fitness – I have always been passionate about health and fitness. I was never really into any sport at school except horse riding and dancing. Since about 18 years old I have always gone to the gym to keep healthy and active.

    If there is anything you would like me to blog about please let me know.