• What’s Your Perception of a Personal Trainer?

    What’s Your Perception of a Personal Trainer?

    We celebrated our gorgeous little girls first birthday a few weekends ago with our family and friendsĀ and I was amazed at how many people were shocked to see Stef having a drink and a piece of cake (or 2 pieces – it was delicious) and asking “isn’t that bad for you?”, “should you be eating that?”

    It also made me think of comments when we had gone out with our clients/friends “I had better not have dessert as Stef is watching me”. Guess what? He wasn’t watching to see how much you ate or how many drinks you had, he was just enjoying your company.
    Coincidently he may make you do a few more push ups on Monday though. (Ha ha)

    So this made me think of what image every one has of a personal trainer.

    Do you think of a PT as some one who;
    Eats organic
    Doesn’t eat sugar or carbs
    Doesn’t drink alcohol
    Exercises in all their spare time

    The majority of Personal Trainers are not like that (thank goodness – as what a very bland life that would be)

    We do try to eat organic esp chicken, eggs and most vegetables where possible (a prerequisite for us moving down was getting a house with space for a veg. patch). We also try to eat only grass fed meat as it has more anti oxidants and higher omega 3 and less toxins.
    Our weak spot is sugar in what ever form it comes – ice cream, cookies, cakes. We are not fussy as long as it’s sweet.

    We all have our guilty pleasures but the key is moderation.

    We also do not work out every day (gasp). Like you, we also need our rest days otherwise we will be over tired and cranky (have you ever seen Stephan cranky?)

    Make sure you enjoy all your food in moderation and also make the most of your rest days and relax!