• You Exercise on What? A Vibrating Plate??

    You Exercise on What? A Vibrating Plate??

    If you think like I did that VibroGym is just a platform you stand on and it wobbles your fat away you are mistaken… 
    I walk into the studio in my track pants and shirt, and I’m shown the VibroGym, a vibrating platform on which you perform your exercises.
    You can increase or decrease the level of the vibrations/frequencies depending on your fitness levels. Stephan starts me on with some massages on the machine and I begin to think this is great.
    My nose tingles and my legs begin to itch – Stephan reassures me with a big smile “that’s a good sign, the blood is getting circulated through our body”
    Then Stephan instructs me to stand on the platform and do squats, lunges, pull-ups, tricep dips, sit-ups and a core hold (ouch!) for one minute each as per the machine setting. Sounds easy but I only manage for a rather pathetic 37 seconds before my body turns to jelly and I flop pathetically to the floor
    The vibrations and frequencies make the exercises so much harder that my arms are trembling from the push-ups and core hold and my legs from the squats and lunges. By the end of the 20-minute session my muscles are begging me to stop.
    Thankfully, the session finishes with some stretches and i can already see and feel an improvement in my flexibility, then my favourite part more massages.
    I have now been 3 times is week and it’s still not getting any easier, but I’m noticing more definition in my arms and my core certainly feels stronger. It does work!
    My one piece of advice is do three sessions a week a month and your body tone, flexibility and endurance will improve.